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WHERE TO SLEEP: Friedrichshain


If you stay in Ostkreuz the transport is assured all night long, with intervals of 30 minutes maximum, and in only six stations, 15 minutes away, you will find yourself in the heart of Prenzlauer Berg, on Schönhauser Allee.

And if you decide to stay around Warschauer Strasse, you will have to change trains in order to get there, unless you take the tram line M10, which will take you to Eberswalderstrasse in Prenzlauer Berg.

Moving south towards Kreuzberg, crossing over the beautiful Russian Oberbaumbrücke, you will soon be in Wrangelkiez, a fun and diverse area of Kreuzberg. You can of course always take the public transport if you don’t like walking, and you won’t miss the sights from the bridge since the U-bahn goes right over it. Oberbaumbrücke is representative of Berlin, if you face West you can see all the way down to the TV tower, if you look East, you can enjoy the far away views of the green Treptower Park and of course the molecule men, that strange sculpture of three men with holes in them. Not to mention the impressive Berlin sky with its change of colours and shapes throughout the day.

Like in the other areas of Berlin, apart from the hostels there is the option of renting private bedrooms. The private ads can be found in the Berlin magazines Tip and Zitty, or you can use the websites WGcompany, WG-gesucht, or even the Exberliner website in English. (For an explanation of the WG- the shared apartment- in Berlin, look at our article on WGs).

The area around Ostkreuz is not bad, especially if you like big breakfasts under the sun. In the building on the corner of Neue Bahnhofstrasse 1 there is the “1st Floor Hostel”, right next to the S-bahn station and a few minutes away from the nightclubs Octopussy, Lovelite and Rosi’s. It must be said that the rooms which look out onto the rail lines can be quite noisy, but then again, this is only the norm in a capital city. Rooms from 15 €.

The “A&O Hostel” is on Boxhagener Strasse 73, a rather busy street. This little corner of Friedrichshain in very friendly and pleasant. The cafés in the surrounding streets are nicer than the ones directly on Boxhagener Strasse, the heart of Friedrichshain. The price per night is 13 € in advance. It is also very easy to get to the nightclubs mentioned above from this hostel.

If you prefer to spend the night on water, we recommend the “Eastern Comfort Hostelboat” on the shores of the river Spree, on Mühlenstrasse 73 – 77. From this hostel you are closer to Kreuzberg 36 than to the centre of Friedrichshain. The price is around 18€.

A bit further away is the hostel “Frederik´s Hostel”, on Strasse der Pariser Kommune 35. This hostel is very close to Karl-Marx Allee and to the sub-neighbourhood of Prenzlauer Berg, Bötzowviertel.

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