Are you looking for Yoga courses in Berlin? Here is what Sarah and Jacopo to experienced Yoga teachers from Italy propose!

CultureSun, 10 May 2009 12:39h· by: carpeberlin

Prophecy of a Nameless Eskimo

The English Theatre of Berlin presents Ashley Brandt's "Prophecy of a Nameless Eskimo" from the 12nd til the 16th of May...

SeriesThu, 07 May 2009 09:20h· by: Paul Thomas

Anglo Berliners: Golden Parachutes

GOLDEN PARACHUTES: creative space and art gallery. An interview with Jesi Khadivi by Paul Thomas

SeriesMon, 16 Feb 2009 13:33h· by: Beatriz Gamboa

It's that MultiKulti Feeling! Or is it?

New arrival: flat, check! bike, check! anmeldung, check! friend of a friend's facebook/phone number, check! German integration course, checken!

SeriesTue, 13 Jan 2009 13:34h· by: Beatriz Gamboa

The Market of Eternal Return

Friedel stared at the market through the rays of an opinionated sun. From where he sat, on the other side of the Landwehrkanal on the Paul Linke Ufer, it looked like a campsite and home to gypsies. He lit a cigarette, a sign that he was thinking about something.

SchwuZ logo
LivingThu, 04 Sep 2008 16:32h· by: carpeberlin

Gay Nightlife: SchwuZ

Rock and electro lovers rally together from 11pm at the London Calling party hosted at SchwuZ...