Living, CultureThu, 02 Feb 2012 12:39h· by: Mattia Rosini

Spectral or in/compatible?


Double festival, double fun. With electro beats, digital art and avant-garde. The CTM.12 – Festival for Adventurous Music and Related Arts will be held until the 5th February: its theme Spectral is to explore the current reemergence of all things ghostly and dark in experimental music, avant-pop, and art – and to speculate about its possible causes and inherent potentials. In addition to a comprehensive music program, a discourse series will be developed in collaboration with the philosopher, psycho-historian and author Andreas L. Hofbauer will address the festival’s theme by pursuing questions concerning art, theory, and music.

The Festival takes place in several locations, such as HAU, Berghain, Passionskirche, Gretchen, Kater Holzig, .HBC and Horst Krzbrg (click here for the whole program); as always, CTM runs parallel to and in cooperation with Berlin’s festival for art and digital culture, Transmediale, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2012.

Founded in 1988 as VideoFilmFest, a side-project of the Berlin Berlinale’s “International Forum of New Cinema”, the Transmediale was intended by its co-founder and artistic director Micky Kwella to offer a platform to electronic media productions not accepted at traditional film festivals.

Within the following 20 years, the festival steadily evolved. In 1997/98 it changed its name from “VideoFest” to “Transmediale” in order to reflect upon the festival’s expanding program which now embraced a wide spectrum of multimedia-based art forms.

At Transmediale 2012, which will take place from 31 January to 5 February at the Haus der Kulturen der Welt with the new Artistic Director Kristoffer Gansing, everything will revolve around the theme in/compatible. Incompatibility refers to the condition that arises when things do not work together. In the spirit of ruptures, gaps and creative hacks, the festival for digital art and culture will celebrate its 25th anniversary with an international program featuring discussion panels, artworks, video screenings, workshops, performances and art interventions.

Transmediale engages in reflective, aesthetic and speculative positions between art, technology and culture, in order to articulate the relationship between technology and culture in non-linear, dynamic ways. Accordingly, Transmediale is a “transdisciplinary platform”, always searching for new avenues of artistic, academic, activist and everyday expressions. It is a project always on the look out for projects and persons who may help in navigating, reflect on and ultimately re-model the production of contemporary culture.

Together with the CTM Festival, Transmediale will present collaborative projects. Among them, the exhibition Ghosts Off the Shelf, created by the curator, art critic, and architect Thibaut de Ruyter: in the Kunstraum Kreuzberg / Bethanien, the exhibit explores the artistic use of the exponentially growing capacities of technical archives and their “inherent ghosts”.

Until Sunday 5th February

Tickets: from 5 euros

Passes: from 90 euros