CultureFri, 04 Nov 2011 14:04h· by: Mattia Rosini

Navigating darkness


Shadows and fog was the title of one of Woody Allen's movies. “Shadows and art”, might be the title of this one-day-exhibition, Navigating Darkness, which takes place in the Tape Modern Club today from 7 PM as a part of the BerMuDa Festival. The club's dark rooms, with black walls and nightclub setting, have been the starting point for the artists involved in the exhibition.

Sculptures, installations and projections, incorporating their own light sources, will create a shadowy world to wander through; the dark cavernous space will be punctuated by a constellation of works that shine, reflect, or cast shadows. From time to time, as one thing is illuminated, another-one is obscured in its shadow, forgotten for a while.

Though the shadow is defined as the blockage of light, a negative or absence, it is also less commonly thought of as an attribute with characteristics: for instance, psychoanalysis describes every personality as having a shadow aspect, comprised of repressed or instinctual elements. It is a play between light and dark, positive and negative, as a shadow never exists in total darkness.

The exhibition “Navigating darkness” means to show off this polarity; the sound is the trip-mate for this experience. As one navigates through the night, the sense of sound is heightened; like a bat relying on sonar to map space, the viewer will be coaxed by sound pieces installed throughout the exhibition.

The piercing elements of sonic waves blended with the light and shadow installations will bring distortion to the viewer’s reality and cause them to turn their ears inwards.

The chosen sounds for the project, whether working with composed work, field recordings, improvisations, or live feedback are highly sensitive of the environment, and aware of both the natural and the ineffable.

Tape Modern No. 24 Navigating Darkness

Tape modern, Heidestraße 14

Curated by Mira O’Brien and Helen Homan Wu, in cooporation with Heidestrasse Galleries and Halle am Wasser openings.

Friday, the 4th of November 7pm-3am.

Free entry